Kim Dotcom gets the right to livestream his extradition hearing

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MegaUpload founder and internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has won the right to have his extradition hearing live streamed.

As you might be aware, Kim Dotcom faces charges of copyright infringement but to face these charges he must be extradited to the United States.

After a protracted court battle, a judge ruled that Dotcom, along with three other MegaUpload co-founders were in eligible for extradition to the the United States, a ruling that Dotcom is now appealing.

Last week Dotcom announced that he wanted the appeal hearing live streamed, which the United States opposed. But yesterday a New Zealand judge granted permission for Dotcom’s appeal to be live streamed, albeit with a 20 minute delay.

Exposing a “corrupt case”?

The reason for Dotcom’s push to have the appeal live streamed is so that, as he puts it, the world can see the deception and dishonesty of the United States’ Department of Justice.

After the judge ruled in his favour Dotcom said, “Now that live streaming is granted you can dig into this corrupt case. We’ll see brilliant edits &[sic] stories from the Internet generation.”

Speaking to the Associated Press, Dotcom’s legal counsel, Ira Rothken said of the ruling, “It provides everybody in the world with a seat in the gallery of the New Zealand courtroom. It’s democracy at its finest.”

Court proceedings are set to start tomorrow and once Dotcom tweets out the link to the live stream we’ll embed it here.

As a bit of an aside to all of this, did you know that Kim Dotcom has an album? You can watch the video for the single Good Life below.

[Source – Twitter]

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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