Download and 3D print all five Power Rangers helmets for free

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Something we left off of our strange stuff to buy at rAge 2016 list was a full scale helmet from Power Rangers that cost way more than we were willing to spend. So it’s lucky that we found some free 3D printable designs for five helmets.

All five designs were created by Morgan Morey who has put them up on MyMiniFactory for anyone to grab (see the links below). They were created for a video by ismahawk entitled Power Rangers vs Voltron.

Each helmet fits on a real persons head and looks pretty convincing in the video. From what we can tell in some behind-the-scenes pictures it looks like the helmets are hinged at the back requiring you to put your face into the front of the helmet and close the back afterwards.

According to the provided files the helmets are cut into multiple parts for printing on smaller 3D printers. If you’re thinking of creating some, keep in mind that they’ll need a lot of finishing, painting and assembly and you’ll need to provide some kind of translucent visor to see through. It looks like they used some black perspex for the final creations.

Speaking of, let’s see them in action:

All this talk of real Power Rangers has really made us excited for the upcoming, live action movie. After the teaser trailer was released earlier this month we’ve been growing ever more cautiously optimistic.

Here’s the links if you want your own.

3D Printed Power Rangers helmets:


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Clinton Matos

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