Fight Halloween ghosts with this 3D printed Ghostbusters Proton Pack

While the 2016 version of Ghostbusters may not have been to everyone’s taste, that hasn’t stopped some people from making fan creations based off of it.

One person has created their own verson of the Proton Pack from the movie complete with lighting effects thanks to an Arduino and a 3D printed main body.

You can get the files to 3D print your own for free off of Thingiverse, but you’ll need a lot of other components too.

In a build log written by the creator of this project, they state that components such as the ball valve and mesh are store bought. Obviously, you’ll also need to buy the electronics to create the lighting, as we’re not at the point where we can 3D print that yet.

Also powered by the 5 volt phone battery is a green LED.

The files for the pack also come with the “gun” section so you have something to point at kids in bed sheets come Halloween this month. It really is a complete Ghostbusters package, all you need now is a jumpsuit and three other friends.

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