Parched? Try this 3D printed Thirst Zapper from Fallout 4’s Nuka World

Fans continue to make Fallout 4 3D prints, and the newest one on the block is the Thirst Zapper from the Nuka World DLC.

Created by Konrad Zwahr and uploaded to MyMiniFactory where you can download it for free, this design comes in multiple parts that can be printed in red and black to give you a semi-finished look right off of the print bed.

If you want to get the weathering and fine details seen in the game, you’ll have to add a few licks of paint and some other finishing touches.

Other than that’s there’s not much else to the design. it comes in smaller parts so it can be printed on most 3D printers and it doesn’t look to have any firing or moving mechanisms like Torbjörn’s rivet gun. That does make it simpler and it would be a nice prop to hang on a wall or use for cosplay.

If you want more 3D prints from Fallout 4 and the rest of the series, check out the links below. It seems like the series has become a hotbed in the 3D design community and you’re able to find a lot of recreations of weapons and props from the game. It’s not at the same level  of Overwatch, where you can 3D print most of each character, but it’s getting there. We’re still holding thumbs for a complete suit of power armour.

More 3D printed Fallout:



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