The exhaustive list of 3D printable Overwatch props

There are many reasons Overwatch was a massive hit at launch: the open beta, the meticulous balancing – and the fact it was launched in the same window as Battleborn didn’t hurt either.

But another reason was that, even before Overwatch had launched, the public at large was in love with the game’s characters and their designs.

Cosplayers and enthusiasts began recreating these designs from almost the first moment they were revealed. But, between the game’s release and now, many enterprising individuals have created 3D printable designs of the weapons and accessories of these characters and uploaded them to the internet. Wouldn’t it be handy to have them all in one place?

To that end we’ve compiled a list of all these designs we could find. Whatever is missing hasn’t been created and shared on the internet yet, or we completely missed it. If you’ve found or created something we’ve missed, tell us on Twitter or Facebook.

If you want to make your own, we suggest taking the official 3D models from the game and extracting those to work on.

As for what exists below, most of it is 1:1 meaning that, for example, McCree’s revolver will be the same size as a real gun. Alternatively, we’ve also included some scale models to be used as reference or desk toys.

The heroes are in alphabetical order.

The only heroes we could not find a single print for were Roadhog, Winston and Pharah. While we did find this great 3D printed action figure of Pharah, it didn’t come with a download link for the files. There’s also this nice build of her Rocket Launcher.

To end off, we have one more design to share with you: a 3D printable Loot Box, and Uprising variant.


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