The new Ghost In The Shell trailer is so pretty

Ever since it was first announced, the live action Hollywood adaptation of Ghost In The Shell has caught more than its fair share of flack.

Fans and pundits alike have flamed the production for its decision to cast Scarlett Johanssen (ya know, Black Widow from The Avengers) as Major Motoko Kusanagi, the main protagonist in the iconic manga and anime (ya know, who just happens to be Japanese). Detractors have complained that this casting is problematic because it’s the latest Hollywood whitewashing of an Asian character (see: Emma Stone in Aloha, see also: Tom Cruise in Edge Of Tomorrow and Liam Neeson in Batman Begins).

In spite of all this, it seems the movie is still going ahead as planned and it’s set for release next year. There have been a couple of teasers released, but fans have yet to see a full length trailer – that is, until now. Check it out below:

Now here’s the thing; no matter how much Ms Johanssen’s casting may put your back up, it’s pretty hard to deny that the trailer for Ghost In The Shell makes the film look positively swoon-worthy. Well, at least in the visual department. After all, impressive shots and amazing action set pieces aren’t guarantees a film will be any good (see: World War Z, see also: nearly every Michael Bay film ever made).

That having been said, the trailer does show that the filmmakers, while putting their own stamp on things, are aware they’re dealing with beloved property. Those familiar with the anime will recognise Kusanagi un-shelling sequence, her impressive drop off the Tokyo skyline in the film’s opening moments and her one-sided fistfight with the Ghost-hacked antagonist in the waterway.

We’re going to hold off judgement on this one until we see it, naturally, but we’d be lying if we didn’t say we weren’t looking forward to watching it on the biggest screen possible.

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