It’s printin’ time! 3D Print the blaster from Power Rangers

A new trailer for the upcoming Power Rangers movie went live last night, and it’s given us the perfect opportunity to be nostalgic and write something about them.

Instead of just writing a story about the trailer, we’ve looked at the maker community for something from the famous series and found something great.  Maker Jurica Pranjic, who has brought us 3D prints such as the Wingman revolver and Arc Grenades from Titanfall 2, has come to save the day with this “Power Rangers Blaster”.

His design is based off of a weapon seen in the first series known as the “Blade Blaster“. Pranjic version, which you can see in the gallery below, isn’t finished with the classic red of the Ranger who used it, and it doesn’t transform into another weapon like it could in the show, but it’s great nonetheless.

If you want your own, the files to 3D print it are available for free on MyMiniFactory. Make sure to also check out Pranjic’s site for more information.

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