Make yourself a Goomba army from Mario by 3D printing them

Over the past few weeks we’ve been bringing you the 3D prints of maker Martin Moore who is recreating parts of the Mario franchise as 3D prints.

Now he’s finally arrived at the famous Goomba.

Moore has already tackled the Bullet Bill, powerup mushrooms and a few others, but the Goomba has only popped up now.

This version of the character is scaled to fit in your hand but you can, if you have the skills, make it any size you want.

Moore’s version shown in the gallery below was printed with different colour filaments to avoid painting and to give it a very clean finish. If you zoom in you’ll notice the “blurriness” at the edges that companies many 3D prints. It actually looks fitting here, similar to the “fuzz” of certain mushrooms.

The files to make your own are available for free off of MyMiniFactory. Make sure to check Moore’s profile on that site for more Mario characters to 3D print.

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