Netflix’s Iron Fist is taking a critical pounding

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If like us at you’ve been waiting with baited breath for Netflix’s upcoming TV show based on the Marvel character Iron Fist, we have some bad news.

It’s rubbish, apparently.

Yes, it seems that Marvel + Netflix doesn’t always result in TV heaven. Critics were given early access to the new Marvel series recently and have been kung-fu kicking punching (come on, Nick – ed) Iron Fist up and down the down the street ever since. As a result, the series is sitting with a score of 33 on Metacritic.

The nicest review posted thus far on the site has been courtesy of Collider. In her review, Alison Keene called it ‘hammy’ saying it suffers from a “largely humorless melange of tone”. Yes, that’s a critic being nice about this show.

The critics writing for sites like Gizmodo, Uproxx and Variety were far more damning. Gizmodo calls it Marvel’s and Netflix’s first failure, while Uproxx opines that “no one involved [with this show] seems to have any kind of take on the material. Variety is probably the most scathing.

“If you want to see the truth, then hold no opinions,” Rand intones at one point. Well, it’s part of this gig to issue assessments, and the truth is, “Iron Fist” is as disposable as aluminum foil.


So the prognosis doesn’t look great for us outside the critical fold and if these assessments stand up, it looks like Netflix’s stellar Marvel run – Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil – has come to an end.

That having been said, just because a show or film gets a critical mauling doesn’t mean that fans of the genre won’t enjoy it. Hey, our own Clinton Matos hated (like, really hated) Warcraft but the rest of the office loved it. As did millions of other people in the world. Who needs critics anyway?


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