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The Nikes and hoverboard from Back to the Future, now as mini 3D prints

If you’re still jonesing for self-lacing Nikes and working hoverboards a la Back to the Future, you’re still out of luck.

What you can do right now, however, is 3D print miniature versions of the two props created for the Happy Crotch vinyl toy (yes that’s what it’s really called).

You can download the files for both designs for free from MyMiniFactory. You could then scale them up to human size, but we don’t think hard plastic shoes would be very comfortable. A 1:1 scale hoverboard would make a really nice wall decoration though.

Finally, if you’re interested in some small Back to the Future toys for your desk, we highly recommend LEGO sets 71230: Doc Brown and 71201: Back to the Future Level Pack. They’re both very, very expensive for the amount of LEGO you actually get, as much of their value is as physical DLC for LEGO Dimensions. That being said, the two sets provide almost every important prop from the movies, excluding the Nikes.

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