Meet BrandOffice, SA made software that’s making brand management easier

Chances are you’ve never heard of BrandQuantum but what this little Johannesburg startup is doing is nothing short of incredible.

To describe what the firm does in short is simple it helps companies manage their brand. This is done with a variety of tools and one of the more interesting ones is BrandOffice.

To explain what BrandOffice does we need to set the scene.

Imagine if you will that you work for a massive financial services firm. Everyday you send out letters on the official company letterhead or create presentations using the official Powerpoint presentation template.

Then one day the firm decides to change these templates to include new pertinent information. Somewhere a beat is missed and you continue using the template that doesn’t contain the aforementioned updates because, well, nobody told you about the update.

While that doesn’t seem like too big of a deal consider the legal implications of not updating something such as the terms and conditions in those documents.

Consistency is key

BrandOffice then is a cloud based add-on application that pairs with Microsoft’s Office Suite and eliminates slip ups such as the one in our example. Simply put, it’s a file server with only the documents you need and more importantly, that are up to date.

In our example above, if that firm was using BrandOffice and a template was updated, you the employee in that scenario would be able to go about your business knowing that the templates you are using are correct.

But it’s about so much more than just having the right documents says Paula Sartini, founder and chief executive officer at BrandQuantum.

“The software we’ve developed is aimed at creating consistency in the day to day stuff,” the CEO tells us. “Marketing still creates, manages and signs artwork and content off but it can’t manage everybody and what they are doing. It’s important to remember that everything sent out by a company either enhances or detracts from the brand image. Our solutions help the marketing department achieve that brand consistency.”

The software is a non-intrusive add-on that appears in a Microsoft Office app’s toolbar. While the app requires an internet connection to synchronise the content with the cloud, once that is complete BrandOffice is still available offline.

“That means that you still have access to that information while building a presentation on a flight,” says Sartini.

Instant brand consistency, just add Azure

BrandOffice uses Microsoft Azure for its cloud service for two reasons. It gives the software opportunity to scale and its a trusted platform. “One of our financial services clients needed 3 000 documents stored online and thanks to Azure we were able to meet that request,” Sartini explains.

Being cloud-based means that changes are instantly available and can be made from anywhere there is an internet connection.

“Brand consistency matters because it drives business growth and with added security tools to ensure the brand cannot be tampered with, it is a critical tool for businesses that are looking to deliver the best brand experience to their customers over and over again,” continues the CEO.

The benefits of BrandOffice don’t end with consistency and scalability. The software can also make the job of on-boarding employees much easier because rather than having to explain where to find the right documents, they can be found with a few clicks on the toolbar.

It’s also worth mentioning that the software is compliant with upcoming legislation such the Protection of Personal Information Act.

It’s an insanely simple idea that makes you say, “why didn’t I think of that” and often those are the best ideas if we’re honest.

If you think your firm could benefit from a solution such as this and want to find out more it’s worth heading over to the BrandQuantum website to find out more.



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