Thor: Ragnarok trailer breaks cover

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Marvel’s just dropped the first full teaser for the third Thor film – Thor: Ragnarok – and it’s a doozy.

We could tell you what’s in it, but hey, what don’t you just check it out for yourselves below:

Okay, so there’s quite a bit to unpack there. Let’s get started.

If you’ve not been following the rumour-mill about the thunder god’s third film, here’s the pitch: Thor (Chris Hemsworth) finds himself stranded on the alien planet Sakaar without his hammer Mjolnir – which in that trailer seems to have been destroyed by the evil goddess of the dead, Hela (Cate Blanchett). Seems that Hela fancies her chances at overrunning Asgard now that Odin’s out of the picture.

You’ll notice in the trailer that Thor is pitted in a gladiatorial battle with his old mate the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo returns for that role) and Tom Hiddleston returns as the god of mischief, Loki.

You may have also noticed Jeff Goldblum sporting some fancy robes and silver hair; he’s apparently playing the Grandmaster. If you’ve never heard of him, we have you covered – he’s one of the Elders of the (Marvel) universe, a group of immortal folk who also count the Collector among their number (you may remember he was played by Benicio Del Toro in Guardians Of The Galaxy). Oh and even though he doesn’t show up in the trailer, Benedict Cumberbatch will be on hand to reprise his role as Doctor Strange.

Directed by Taika Waititi (who worked extensively with The Flight Of Concords), Thor: Ragnarok is slated to drop worldwide on November 3rd this year. Let the hype commence!