Labour Court postpones Molefe case

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The Johannesburg Labour Court has postponed Brian Molefe’s case to be reinstated back to his position as CEO at Eskom, pending the DA and EFF’s application at the High Court to have his reinstatement in May ruled invalid.

The DA and EFF had applied to have Molefe’s return to Eskom ruled invalid and to bar him from performing any executive duties, or receiving payments from any functions related to the CEO position during his return.

“While Molefe had approached the Labour Court to argue the illegality of his removal from Eskom by its board in early June, our contention has always been that this cannot be argued until the substantive matter of Molefe’s resignation and then subsequent re-employment have been dealt with in part B of our High Court application,” the DA said.

Below is an extract from the judgement made by Judge Prinsloo in the court.

“It is our contention that Molefe’s re-employment at Eskom was completely irrational and illegal and as a result has no lawful position at Eskom,” the DA said.