3D Print yourself this dancing Jake from Adventure Time

We’ve already seen a lot of great 3D prints from the Adventure Time series, and we have a new addition today.

It is, of course, Jake the Dog in a static dancing pose. We suspect this model is based off of this image, which is the first one you’ll see on Google when looking Jake up. If that is the case, the model is impressively accurate.

If you want your own dancing Jake you’ll need to download the files from MyMiniFactory. It’s a single-piece print so you’ll need to scale it down if you have a smaller printer, or you’ll need to slice it yourself.

The uploader of this model promises that a dancing Finn will be coming soon, so keep your eyes on their profile for that. For this print, however, they do suggest painting it. Not a huge ask for Jake however, as you’ll only need four colours.

Alternatively other prints from Adventure Time available right now include this BMO with interchangeable faces, and the swords and crowns created by 3D Central.

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