Turn the Overwatch logo into this 3D printed lamp

We’ve covered most of the weapons from Overwatch, so now we’re looking at more abstract 3D prints from the game.

This print of the game’s logo isn’t just a paper weight, but instead acts as a light source thanks to a strip of LEDs housed inside of it.

They shine through the translucent PETG body which took around five and a half hours to print. The finished logo is 25 centimetres in diameter, and 29 centimetres tall with the stand.

We spoke to the creator of this project, Michael Czeiszperger, and he told us that he was only able to make something so big so fast thanks to the large Volcano .8mm nozzle on his printer. If you’re aiming to print this size with a .4mm nozzle, he says that it will take you around 22 hours.

Our one complaint with the build is the choice of colours for the lights. A white LED strip would have made it more authentic, but the real way to sell it would be orange lights in the top section which is sometimes illuminated in Overwatch promotional images.

Luckily, if you’re up to the task of making those changes, all you need are the files from either Thingiverse or MyMiniFactory. Also keep in mind that the standard model you download is a smaller 10 centimetre logo.

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