10 of the best Raspberry Pi & Arduino projects from Halloween 2017

All through October the maker world has been steadily pumping out Halloween creations using Raspberry Pis and Arduinos, so we thought we’d round up our favourites into a neat list.

For this list we’ll only be using projects created around Halloween 2017, as there’s way too many great ideas out there from previous years.

Click the name of the project to be taken to a page with more details about it. Many of them will be Instructables or pages which will include everything you need to replicate them yourself for next year, or to make something entirely new.

If you’re not in the mood to do any soldering tonight there’s also been an uptick of appropriately themed 3D prints. Make sure you also look around out 3D Print of the Day series for costume ideas and other decorations. MyMiniFactory has a dedicated section for it and there’s a featured collection on Thingiverse too.

A house that sings the Monster Mash [Pi]

Light and sound Jack-O-Lantern [Arduino]


Haunted Jack in the Box [Pi]


Motion-detecting spider [Arduino]

Animated eyes and spherical projectors [Pi]

Talking Skull [Arduino]


Magic scare mirror [Pi]

Haunted bookshelf [Arduino]


Motion-sensitive projector ghosts [Pi]


Halloween laser maze

[Image – Smart Prototyping]


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