A Cuphead fan has made his own cartoon

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Ever since its release last month, Cuphead has been causing quite a stir.

Between igniting debates on the general expected difficulty in games, Cuphead has spawned quite a dedicated fan base among players and media alike. Heck, it’s even inspired a couple of makers out there to create some rather lovely items based on the game’s visual aesthetic.

Now, an animator who goes by the name hotdiggedydemon, has created a short Cuphead cartoon.

Cuppy and Muggy doesn’t really share the same visual aesthetic as the game; rather than a grainy Max Fleischman offering, this cartoon looks crisp enough to appear on Cartoon Network in HD. It has more in common visually with the likes of Cow & Chicken or Ren & Stimpy. It’s also suitably disturbing like those latter examples.

Incidentally, it’s totally worth checking out hotdiggedydemon’s YouTube channel, as Cuphead isn’t the first videogame (or first IP for that matter) that this cartoonist – who specialises in being “creepy and just generally making people feel uncomfortable” – has created. Yes, you’re probably getting no work done today.



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