This M6G Magnum from Halo may be the most impressive 3D print yet

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We’ve seen thousands of 3D printed weapon props in the past, but this version of the M6G Magnum from Halo may be the best one out there.

Yes, we’ve seen this exact gun printed many times before. But even though this version is a remix of an existing design, it’s made rather special by all of the electronics hidden inside of the print.

Pulling the trigger causes a sound clip to played off of an SD card and the barrel to flash thanks to an LED, but that’s only the first trick.

After a few pulls the magazine will “empty” and pulling the trigger will no longer play the firing animation. To get it going again you’ll need to tap the magazine to simulate a reload.

Then there’s also the option to change firing modes and an extra sound effect where an explosion will sound out after firing three times in a row.

It really is something you need to see, and hear, so check out the short demo video below.

If that’s got you inspired to make your own Halo print, you’ll need the files from Thingiverse and the guide by Artekit. You’ll also need a slew of electronics including a microcontroller, speaker, motion detector, and more.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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