Fahrenheit 451 trailer drops

First trailer for Fahrenheit 451 drops

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Michael B. Jordan – he’s so hot right now.

Not only are most critics lavishing praise on the young actor for pretty much stealing the show in the recent Black Panther movie as the film’s villain, but he’s set to star in HBO’s adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s sci fi classic, Fahrenheit 451. Like we said: so hot!

The trailer for the series dropped last night and it’s well worth taking a look at. Have a gander below:

The other prominent actor you’ll spot in the trailer is Michael Shannon, a bloke who over the last few years has carved out a niche for himself playing stone-faced fanatics powered by barely concealed rage (see: Man Of Steel. See also: Boardwalk Empire, Premium Rush, 99 Houses and The Iceman).

If you’ve never read the book (or are completely unaware of it), Fahrenheit 451 is a rather disturbing piece of work. Set in a dystopian future where the government holds a Rasputin-like grip on literature and the media, the story follows one Guy Montag, a fireman charged with hunting down existing copies of books and reducing them to ashes.

The reasoning behind this is that in this society the authorities have decreed books and the ideas contained within them to be a danger to peace and prosperity. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and the ruling bodies want to eliminate that danger entirely. It’s not long, though, before Montag starts to have conflicting thoughts about both his job and the government’s totalitarian policies. (Fahrenheit 451, incidentally, is the temperature at which paper catches fire.)

Fahrenheit 451 is set to premiere on HBO this May. When we have local listings, you will too! In the meantime, seek out the book; it’s a classic for a reason.