Reddit gets an invite-only redesign

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Reddit is currently in the process of a massive, full site redesign, and they’ve started sending out invites to certain users to try it out and provide feedback.

Right now we’re not entirely sure what qualifies anyone for the invite, but we imagine it’s some combination of account age, community interaction, and karma.

Those lucky enough to be chosen should find a direct message from /u/hueylewisandthesnoos in their inbox. This user was introduced as part of the design team working on the site in a recent announcement.

This message grants access to where the new format is live. Trying to follow this link without an invite (or without being logged in) will redirect you back to the regular

Access is also given to the subreddit /r/redesign where discussions and suggestions about the changes can be fielded. As an invite-only community, it will also be locked for most people.

We’ve had a look around the new site and, as one user says, it really does look and feel like a mobile site made to fit on desktop.

One of Reddit’s biggest strengths was its simplicity and utilitarian design. It’s worked perfectly well for years so we don’t really see the need for these changes.

That being said, we’ve included some screenshots below so you can decide for yourself. Some of the big improvements you can look out for are infinite scrolling, easier rich text editing and simpler subreddit customisation.

The new front page.

The new post view. It is a popup window on top of the front page. 

The list of new features. 


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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