Berserk’s giant Dragon Slayer sword 3D printed to scale

Despite its popularity, 3D prints from the Berserk franchise are a rare sight with only the Salamander Dagger popping up last year.

But now we have something much bigger to look at in Guts’ very own Dragon Slayer sword, which has been printed to scale at a whopping 74 inches (188 centimetres).

Maker Shane Anson created this print, starting with a model extracted from the Band of the Hawk game. Netfabb was then used to make it work once printed. It was scaled to the correct size, sliced to fit onto Anson’s printer, and a hole was cut through the middle so a pole could be inserted, for stability.

With that done it was time to print, a process that took around 280 hours, or just under 12 full days.

Gorilla Glue was used to stick all the pieces together before the entire thing was painted with three coats of simple black spray paint. Silver was used for the edge of the blade and a 50 / 50 water acrylic mix added in spots of rust and dried blood.

After scratching up the paint a bit more to add weathering, the sword was done. With a handle and all that paint, this Dragon Slayer still only weighs 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) – a bit on the heavy side, but manageable for cosplay.

If you have the plastic and the time to make your own, you can do so using the free files on Thingiverse.

This print ties with Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword as the biggest 3D printed weapon we’ve ever featured.

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