Gear Of The Year 2017 – SMME Wearables

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Wearables may continually make the lifestyle pages as sleek and sexy tech fashion accessories, but they’re fast becoming vital pieces of equipment in the business field.

But in the SMME world, versatility is key, which may explain why our readers flipped Apple on its head. The Apple Watch range can certainly boast brand dominance in the commercial field, but for business use, adopters are looking for both functionality and affordability.

This is probably why Samsung pipped its nearest and dearest rival to the post with 32% of the vote. While the Samsung Gear range of smartwatches can’t lay claim to the brand power of Apple devices, they offer more variety within this medium. There’s probably a device in this range to suit every budget and every need.

Want a great sportswatch? Pick up the Samsung Gear Sport; it’s an all-round fitness tracker with a great display that also be used for cashless transactions. If you’re on a budget, get a Gear 2. Its round-face display is a little derivative, but it’s competitive in both the fitness and app access fields. Samsung even offers some fitness trackers for those who don’t care if their wearables match their suit or dress on a night out.

Apple snagged second place with 24.5% of the vote and it’s easy to see why; not only is the latest iteration of Apple Watch a recognisable status symbol in the business world, it’s a fantastic piece of kit too. Available in two iterations – one with LTE connectivity, one without – the latest Apple Watch 3 is the perfect smartwatch for those who want to work hard and play hard.

Its screen is gorgeous, app integration is superb and its Apple Pay function is very useful indeed – this watch really does make a convincing argument to leave one’s phone at home. Fitness buffs will also enjoy the fact that its exercise tracking is absolutely excellent, it boasts decent GPS and is waterproof to boot.

The only downside is its relatively short battery life, but this can be tweaked by turning LTE settings off. If you have the financial outlay, Apple produces some of the best and most iconic wearables currently on the market.

Apple Watch 3 has built-in cellular

Perhaps we have more gym regulars in our readership than we think, because Fitbit landed in third place with 12.7% of the vote. That’s not to say that over the years, Fitbit has made some moves towards producing wearables that look as much at home in the office as they do in the gym, but fitness still sits at the core of all of its products. Most of them are priced very reasonably too, and a longside the intuitive fitness functionality they have, most also have stunning battery life.

These factors contribute heavily as to why Fitbit is a household name in fitness gadgets and why our readers are so enamoured with its products.