3D Print a Shadow Monster while you wait for Stranger Things season 3

While we’re all looking forward to the next season of Stranger Things, we have a print of a second season monster to look at.

Maker Eric Bruns has made this version of the Mind Flayer, or Shadow Monster, that’s a bit smaller than the one in the show.

Instead of towering over a city it measures in at only 12 centimetres wide, 5 centimetres tall and 11 centimetres deep.

Bruns tells us that he designed the Mind Flayer in SolidWorks over the course of six hours.

Printing took just under three hours at with 0.15mm layer height and 15% infill. The use of black filament means no finishing or painting was required because it already looks so accurate as is.

If you are planning on doing any finishing work, it is recommended that you do so carefully as to not break any of the spindly legs.

The files to print this monster are available for free from Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory.

If you do decide to bump up the scale the lean features of the print mean that you won’t be going through too much filament. We’d love to see a larger version acting as the legs for a glass table, or some such other ridiculous incorporation into a house,

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