Black Widow’s Infinity War weapons brought to life with Arduino

In Infinity War Black Widow is wielding more than just pistols like she was in the original Avengers, and maker Juri Munkki is on a quest to replicate her weaponry.

He has 3D printed her electric batons (Eskrima sticks) as well as her gauntlets. These are sometimes called Spider Bites or Black Widow’s Bites, and we see them in multiple movies doing everything from shocking people to shooting out a grappling hook.

Munkki tells us that he began work on the Eskrima sticks when they were first shown off in Vanity Fair. From this he could tell that each stick was made up of multiple universal joints, so the modelling process in Fusion 360 could begin.

After a lot of redesigning and test printing, the joints were made modular so that any number of them could be printed and connected together.

Each joint is held in place with four screws and measures in at five centimetres. With the handle the finished version you can see on this page is 66 centimetres long.

To replicate the electric part here, RGB LEDs were used throughout. A 18650 Li-ion battery powers the lighting, all controlled by an Arduino Pro Mini hidden in the handle.

If you’d like to try and make your own, the files to do so are available for free on MyMiniFactory. Printing two of them is not only good for screen accuracy, but they are designed to be joined together to form a staff.

You can see the lighting system demoed in the gif below. It’s being shown in red, but it can easily be changed to the familiar blue.

The gauntlets required a lot of clever design work to fit all the electronics into the central box that sits on top of the arm, while still being small enough to wear comfortably.

Each of these gauntlets is made up of that central box as well as the 16 “pods” that wrap around the arm. They consist of 91 printed parts each, but filament isn’t all you’ll need.

The electronics, leather, velcro and more bring that part count up, so you’ll be spending a lot of time putting these together.

Aside from the files, which are also available from MyMiniFactory, you’ll need another Arduino Pro Mini and some NeoPixels from Adafruit.

You can, of course, substitute the electronics for anything you have on hand or whatever you’re familiar with.

Right now the gauntlets are not finished or painted in any way, but they still look great when printed in black.

Both the gauntlets and sticks share the fact that they were assembled without glue. The printed parts are designed to fit together without it, but you can use some to make things a bit more stiff.

The sticks could use some glue if you’re planning on swinging them around, but if you want to keep them extra safe while cosplaying Munkki has you covered with a hard backpack which will hold a pair of them, as well as a belt.

These all come together to make a full Black Widow cosplay. We suggest keeping up with it on Munkki’s channel or MyMiniFactory account.

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