Kingdom Hearts 3D printed for Mickey’s new Keyblade

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is still a while out, but the maker community has already teamed up to 3D print Mickey Mouse’s new Keyblade as seen in the Frozen trailer.

Aaron Vander Kooy is responsible for this model which was created in Creo Parametric over the course of around four days.

With no existing models or any other sources to go off of, screenshots alone had to be used as the reference material.

Despite this the files to print the new Keyblade were made available to the Thingiverse community less than a week after the trailer went live.

This is where Ben Shinfield comes into the picture as he took the new files and and turned the model and its renders into a final print.

Shinfield tells us that it only took an hour to print this version which is scaled to 9.3 centimetres to fit into the hand of a Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select figure of Mickey.

Take note that this print time does not include the failed attempts at getting the scale right, so make sure to budget some extra time and filament to make your own.

Painting took longer at around three hours using a mixture of colours from Painter’s Touch and the Citadel range. The main colour was accomplished with a blue dry brushed over purple to achieve “that magic look”.

The rest of the details – such as the stars and diamonds – were added after this and ate up an hour of time on their own.

If you prefer something more classic, Shinfield has you covered with a previous project. His Kingdom Hearts 1 Mickey is based on the Disney Infinity figure, but features a new post, repainted base and another 3D printed Keyblade.

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