3D Print a No Man’s Sky starship to go along with the Next Update

With the Next update out people seem to be flocking back to No Man’s Sky, so it’s the perfect time to print out one of the ships from the game.

This is the Alpha Vector ship based on the tin toy which came with the Explorer’s Edition of the game back at release. This too had a mixed reception with the community, so hopefully a free version you can make to your own specifications will go down a bit better.

Maker Jeff Lagant, known as StarJeff3D online, is to thank for this print, telling us that he used SolidWorks for the design work. This only took around eight hours to complete using game screenshots and pictures of the Explorer’s Edition for reference.

Those who are not fond of painting should be thrilled to find out that this print doesn’t need any, if you have the right filament colours of course.

Lagant has split the model apart by colour so the appropriate filament can be used for each. Alternatively, this also makes painting a bit easier if you decide to go that route as you can focus on each section before gluing them together.

The version you see in the gallery below, however, is painted, and you can see the extra weathering and additional affects put into it on Instagram.

While this model was created some years ago, the most recent version was recently uploaded to Thingiverse where you can download it for free. At 268 millimetres long and 260 millimetres wide, it’s quite the sizeable display piece. Budget your filament accordingly.

If you prefer your models with lighting, check out another 3D printed starship we featured last year.

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