Huawei patents smartwatches with built-in earbuds & Bluetooth headset

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For the most part, Huawei’s wearable devices have not garnered the strong reception that the Chinese company would have been hoping for.

The same rings true for their smartwatches, but a recently uncovered pair of patents by LetsGoDigital could see a range of new options enter the market.

The devices in question still remain in the patent phase, with no renderings or murmurings on whether they’ll ever make it to the retail stage.

The two designs both focus on audio, and in particular the surreptitious inclusion of wireless earbuds on the one offering and a Bluetooth earpiece on the other.

The wireless earbuds would be housed in the top and bottom portions of the watch face body, featuring a spring mechanism to pop out and be inserted once again.

The Bluetooth earpiece is encased in a small box that doubles as the fastening mechanism for the watch strap.

Without any specifications or dimensions to accompany the patent designs, it’s tough to imagine how large such a smartwatch would be, or indeed whether it would become a bit too unwieldy compared to a modern chronograph.

Huawei has tinkered around quite a bit with the design and functionality of its smartwatches over the past few years, trying to find a good mix that consumers would go for.

The first Huawei smartwatch for example was quite clean and simple in its aesthetics, and billed as a viable chronograph alternative. More recently the Huawei Watch 2 was a bit sportier, and placed an emphasis on fitness.

Whether or not Huawei decides to develop these devices remains to be seen, but their lineup of smartwatches could indeed benefit from something different to help entice jaded consumers.


Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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