Tired of the ocean? Simply 3D print a bounty skull from Sea of Thieves

While the aim of Sea of Thieves may be questing on the open waters for loot, there is a simpler way if you have a 3D printer.

Maker Garrett Williams has created this printed version of the foul bounty skull, complete with ominous green glow.

Modelling the skull in Blender was such as an arduous process that Williams lost track of the hours that went into it.

He tells us that the Sea of Thieves community was a huge help here, providing reference images and screenshots as well as feedback to improve the design.

Printing took 28 hours with the version you see in the gallery below split into two even parts to fit the heatbed of the printer used.

These two pieces were joined with wood glue and left bound for around a day. To smooth it out 300 grit sandpaper was used first and worked right up to 2 500.

To get that bone colour a white gloss spray paint base was used together with some subtle grey and white airbrush detailing.

Finally, to add the lighting, some Cooler Brightz LEDs were added into the cavities of the skull.

To make your own start with the free files over on Thingiverse and budget enough filament to make something around 13.5 X 15 X 21 centimetres in size.

Williams tells us that he’s currently working on the other bounty skulls which he’ll similarly upload when they’re done. He’s even planning on printing the villainous bounty skull with the floating bone fragments.

If you don’t have access to a printer, or you simply prefer more traditional prop making, you should watch this foam version of the foul bounty skull which also acted as inspiration for this project.

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