1400 hours went into 3D printing this life-size Tyrion Lannister

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While we’ve featured many 3D Prints from Game of Thrones in the past, they’ve taken the form of weaponry or parts of a costume, this model of Tyrion Lannister is neither.

Thingiverse user “Sir_Ken” undertook the difficult task of printing out everyone’s favourite character to be life-sized.

They tell us that this process started with an existing model found on Thingiverse that has since been deleted. Using Meshmixer this model – originally intended to create a smaller print – was increased in size to match Peter Dinklage.

As this print would be far outside the capabilities of the printer used, Meshmixer sliced it into ten pieces which each took six days to print. Once everything was finished a staggering 1 400 hours had been dedicated to completing the project at this point.

We’ve been told that around ten spools of black, no name PLA was used here, bought off of Amazon based on price alone. At 2.2 pounds (0.9 kilograms) per spool, the raw print weighed in at 22 pounds, or around 10 kilograms.

After gluing all the pieces together, glazing putty was used to fill in gaps and joints, as well as to fix any imperfections from the printer. Much sanding followed this before it was primed with a grey filler, a process that you can see started in the gallery below together with the finished product.

After switching to epoxy to finish smoothing everything out, the painting could begin. A complicated mix of airbrushing and acrylics helps make this look as realistic as possible, and we’re supremely impressed by how good this looks, especially when Sir_Ken tells us that they had never used an airbrush before undertaking this project.

The files to make your own Tyrion Lannister are available on Thingiverse, but we doubt anyone will try and remake the work that was done here.

The final product stands 4’5″ tall and weighs in at 25 pounds (around 165 centimetres and 11.3 kilograms respectively), with that extra weight coming from the glue, epoxy and paint.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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