A gruesome 3D print of Azarov’s Skull from Dead by Daylight

While we’ve featured 3D printed skulls and prop scythes before, this recreation of Azarov’s Skull, as seen in Dead by Daylight, may be the most metal weapon yet.

Maker Jason Duda is the man behind this, which is his third print from the same game. We featured his first effort – the Huntress’s mask – and he’s gone on to make another mask for the Trapper, before arriving at this project.

Duda tells us that the modelling process in Blender didn’t start out as a blank slate. The model of Azarov’s Skull was extracted from Dead by Daylight and uploaded to SFMLab, but it needed a lot of work before it was ready to be printed.

The raw file was filled in a bit for a smoother print, before Meshmixer was used on the vertebrae making up the spine. Originally each piece was modified to fit a pin that would slot into the handle, but that didn’t pan out.

After about a month of modelling and testing, the vertebrae (and the rest of the weapon) were printed normally. Some of the pieces did break off and needed to be glue back on, but these seams were covered up.

The bone parts were originally painted straight white, but this didn’t look realistic enough. A few layers of tan were added and red paint was splashed on for the blood splatter effects.

Grey paint and a water wash give this prop that needed dirty look, and Mod Podge was applied at the very end to seal everything up. We’ve never seen human remains twisted into a weapon before, but Duda did a brilliant job with the making this look realistic.

To make your own start with the files available for free from Thingiverse. The version you see on this page is about 33 inches (84 centimetres) and took around two solid days to print. Make sure you budget enough filament and time if you intended to make on so close to 1:1 scale.

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