Hot rod from the original Iron Man is now a 3D printed RC car

We’ve already seen a flood of 3D prints from Infinity War, but today let’s go back to the real start of the MCU and the first Iron Man movie.

This is a recreation of the Ford flathead that got a lot of screen time in that movie and served as inspiration for the “hot rod red” colour on most of the Iron Man armours. Not only is it an accurate scale replica, but it’s a radio controlled (RC) car too.

Maker Alex Pichushkin created this build, telling us that it started life out as a remix – the original files being uploaded some time ago and intended for a static model only.

Using SketchUp the model was modified to house the electronics needed to make it drive. While the empty boot space already provided a great place to hide the motor, several mounting points needed for the gears, bearings and other parts. Certain pieces were also split to accommodate a smaller printer.

Printing took around three weeks to complete using mostly red and black plastic to cut down on the need for paint. The wheels here were also printed using a flexible filament, and those important white walls were thankfully included here.

After some sanding the flames were made using a combination of yellow self-adhesive film and a red permanent marker. A transparent varnish was applied at the end to give everything a protective coat.

Make sure you watch the accompanying video to see the final build in motion, together with the working headlights. Aside from your choice of motor, battery and RC setup, you will need a couple of LEDs if you want that feature too.

If you’d like to make your own hot rod RC car, you will need two sets of files. The modified pieces created by Pichushkin are free to download, but the creator of the base car has unfortunately removed the model from Thingiverse. It is still available from the Cults marketplace, but you’ll be paying $9.49 for it.

Those looking for another 3D printed RC car (that’s completely free) should check out the Mach 8 from Mario Kart.

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