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Aston Martin serves up teaser for first all electric vehicle – the Rapide E

If you’ve been following the motoring world with any real interest, you likely know that all-electric cars are á la mode. The latest carmaker to join the electric wave is Aston Martin, with the company teasing a look at its new EV – the Rapide E.

It will be Aston Martin’s first all-electric vehicle, although they are referring to it as a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV).

As for the BEV inside the Rapide E, Aston Martin have opted for an 800V architecture with a capacity of 65kWh, which sits in place of the 6.0 litre V12 that a gas-guzzling Rapide would have featured.

A diagram of the Rapide E’s electric system.

Being an Aston Martin, the Rapide E is not lacking in terms of power and speed. The battery-powered system generates 449 kW of power, which is coupled with 950Nm of torque.

Naturally it gets off the line fairly quickly, reaching 100km/h from a standstill in less than four seconds according to Aston Martin. The top speed has not been mentioned, likely as it still has to be electronically limited, but the driving range is estimated at 321 kilometres, which means you’ll have to plan the length of trips carefully.

For now, the images featured here are the only ones available for the Rapide E so it’s difficult to determine how the finished product will look. If the header is anything to go by though, it seems as if the Aston Martin Rapide E will feature lots of electric blue accents.

Also tough to determine is how much it will cost, and indeed when Aston Martin plans to reveal the Rapide E in full.

That said, pricing is available on enquiry at selected dealerships in the UK, with a Q4 2019 delivery being slated by the carmaker.

As with all new EVs revealed of late, it’s still to be determined if South Africa is a viable market as infrastructure is still limited. Hopefully that changes soon as their are just too many exciting EV offerings being showcased at the moment.

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