Nokia phone with five cameras spotted online

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Rumours of a Nokia penta-lens smartphone have surfaced once again. This time round, however, it’s not simply a basic design but rather a leaked prototype of the device that has surfaced online.

This latest leak comes from Nokia Power User, with the website spotting images of the device on IT Home recently.

The image in question, also pasted in full below, is of the back cover of the phone.

As you can tell there are a bunch of lenses on the rear. More specially there are seven circular holes on the back, five of which feature a camera within, along with the Zeiss logo featuring.

One of the remaining two holes is for the camera flash, but it’s unclear what the final hole is for. Perhaps HMD Global, which owns the manufacturing license to make Nokia Mobile phones, is planning something special for that one.

As for what the five lenses will be catering to, we can only ruminate for now.

If we had to venture an educated guess, their should be one standard RGB lens, then a monochrome one, like the Nokia 8 featured. Added to that is likely an ultra-wide angle option, along with a larger megapixel sensor akin to the Huawei P20 Pro’s 40MP version.

As for the fifth one, that could be anyone’s guess, but it may be dedicated to the “bothie” feature that HMD Global tried to coin last year.

For now HMD Global has not confirmed any upcoming smartphone events, so we may have to wait until Mobile World Congress next year before this new penta-lens Nokia device sees the light of day.

Whether this is camera overkill, or the first of many manufacturers upping the number of lenses on their flagship phones, remains to be seen.

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[Image – IT Home]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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