All six Bounty Skulls from Sea of Thieves have been 3D printed

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Back in July we featured the work of  Garrett Williams who had recreated one of the Bounty Skulls as seen in Sea of Thieves.

Since then he’s been very busy, giving the same treatment to all of the other skulls in the game, a project he has just finished up with and has shared with us today.

Below you will find a couple of pictures of each skull together with some stats about how long they took to complete. Make sure to click on the names of each one to be taken to their Thingiverse page where you can download their files for free.

Alternatively browse Williams’ user page where you can see them all together with his other projects.

It’s really interesting to watch the progression of the work here starting with the Foul skull. After spending many hours modelling it (Williams tells us he lost track), the other skulls could be completed faster as this first build could be used as a template.

As such most of these measure in at around 21 X 15 X 13.5 centimetres and weigh 2.26 kilograms with slight changes between them to suit the variation.

The standout for us here is the Villainous Bounty Skull which uses clear acrylic rods to suspend the floating fragments as they are in the game.

Each skull also features Cooler Brightz LEDs to give them a distinctive glow, and we imagine a few people are going to be printing these out for Halloween night later this month.

Even with the lights on and the LEDs off, these prints look amazing as a complete set.

Make sure you check back here soon as we’ve been promised one more creation from this maker based on Sea of Thieves. We’ve been told it’s going to be “BIG”, and you know it’s important when it’s in all caps.

Foul Bounty Skull

Time to model: [Too long to count]

Time to print: 28 hours

Disgraced Bounty Skull

Time to model: 4 hours

Time to print: 42 hours

Hateful Bounty Skull

Time to model: 3 hours

Time to print: 42 hours

Villainous Bounty Skull

Time to model: 8 hours

Time to print: 38 hours

Skeleton Captain’s Skull

Time to model: 3 hours

Time to print: 42 hours

Stronghold Skull

Time to model: 8 hours

Time to print: 42 hours

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