It’s a 3D printed, singing Sea of Thieves skull for Halloween

With Halloween just two days away, one maker has created a Sea of Thieves display that can both move and serenade trick-or-treaters.

That maker is Garrett Williams, a talented individual who we’ve featured in the past for creating prints of all six bounty skulls.

He tells us, that to make this singing skull, he started with the model of a bounty skull in Blender and then made some adjustments to fit electronics inside.

From here the model was altered further to better mimic the skeleton enemies. After overcoming some hurdles such as the jaw – which doesn’t connect to the skull in Sea of Thieves – it was resized to fit Williams’ print bed.

The modelling process took 13 hours and printing took even longer at 47 hours.

The pieces – which were done in a PLA that glows in the dark – were then assembled and XTC-3D from Smooth-On was applied to give it a more finished look.

The electronics here are purpose-built for this application and sold by Monster Guts. The kit was installed before its three servo motors were connected to an Arduino Mega, allowing for control with a joystick.

To sync the music up with the skull movements, a servo driver from FrightProps was used.

After the skull was attached to a wooden base, music was loaded up and a fog machine was added for good effect.

In total the project took 72 hours to complete, and you can see it in action below.

Those looking to make their own can find the files offered up for free over on Thingiverse.

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