No need to fight over this 3D printed Crusader helmet

If you’ve ever wanted a Crusader helmet for Halloween, cosplay, or to shout “Deus Vult!” at people passing by on the street, you can now easily make one if you have access to a 3D printer.

User Zoljanzy is to thank for this, the very same person we featured back in August for the impressive Shovel Knight helmet.

Like the previous project, this piece of armour was also designed in Fusion 360 – a process that needed around eight hours to complete.

Printing took a whopping 117 hours, with 70 dedicated to the bottom half, 23 to the top, and 24 hours for both halves of the decorative cross.

At 337 millimetres tall with an average diameter of 259 millimetres, this is going to eat up a lot of filament. We’ve been told that the version you see on this page was printed slightly larger than was needed, but padding was added to the inside to get a better fit.

Despite weighing 850 grams, this print is said to be comfortable to wear, but apparently it will press against you nose slightly.

The raw plastic was sanded down with 200 grit sandpaper but, due to time constraints, it wasn’t made too smooth. After painting the cross with a gold metallic spray paint, and the rest of it with a silver, the finished result still looks great and the striations could even be mistaken for a brushed metal look.

The files for this helmet were finished some time ago but were not uploaded until they were perfected for printing.

They are ready now, however, and you can find them for free over on Thingiverse.

Some will be annoyed that this prop isn’t historically accurate and was made for aesthetic reasons (Zoljanzy wanted the horizontal part of the cross to go over the eye slits), but it’s still instantly recognisable and we hope to see more wearable prints from this maker in the future.

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