Futurama fan 3D prints fifteen characters from the show

Whenever we feature a 3D print it’s usually a single character or item from popular culture, but today we have the work of a very talented maker who has recreated a large portion of the Futurama cast.

Rober Rollin recently completed his journey to model, 3D print and paint 15 different characters from the show. From Amy Wong to Zapp Brannigan, the entire Planet Express crew is here along with much of the supporting cast.

Rollin tells us that, using Blender, each character took around three hours to model and up to eight hours to print.

Most of the regular characters stand 11 centimetres tall but there is appropriate variety between them. The Robot Devil towers over the pack as the tallest print at 17 centimetres, and Nibbler is the shortest at just 6 centimetres.

Each raw print went through the same finishing process: sanding, acrylic paints and then a clear coat. While any colour and type of filament can be used, a white PLA was the choice for every print here.

You can see how each of the prints turned out by scrolling down below. Click on the name of the character to be taken to their MyMiniFactory page where you can download the files to make your own.

Alternatively, visit Rollin’s profile page where you will find them all grouped together.

He does warn that Leela and Amy require a lot of support material in particular.

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Amy Wong



Dr. Zoidberg

Hermes Conrad


Kif Kroker

Lrrr, ruler of the planet Omicron Persei 8


Philip J. Fry

Professor Farnsworth

Scruffy Scruffington

The Robot Devil Beelzebot

Turanga Leela

Zapp Brannigan

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