Terrifying Detective Pikachu Pokémon cards are coming

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Despite a surprisingly positive reaction to the Detective Pikachu trailer, people seem to still be in agreement that the live action Pokémon are a bit unsettling, and you’ll soon be able to savour that in highly detailed card art later this year.

Revealed recently, the Pokémon TCG will soon have a subset – a smaller release compared to a usual expansion – which will feature realistic art from the movie.

Right now we have three cards revealed from the subset will contain 24 cards and an undisclosed amount of secret rares – these are cards featuring alternate artwork such as “rainbow rares“.

The three cards are Pikachu, Charizard and Greninja, which are all fan favourites. The latter two are GX cards, which are more powerful cards in the game which yield bigger rewards when defeated.

We play the TCG semi-competitively and none of these seem particularly powerful right now. While that may change in the future as more cards are released which may boost these, they’re only good for the collection binder right now.

Thankfully, anyone looking to buy these cards will not need to gamble on boosters packs and simply hope that luck is on their side, as all three will be available as promo cards you can buy outright.

Each card here will be enclosed in a box called a “Case File” which will come with extra products such as boosters and coins (coins are used to play the TCG as a randomiser, they’re not just throwing random pieces of currency in there).

These Case Files will also contain boosters of the Detective Pikachu subset which differ from usual Pokémon boosters. The regular boosters come with ten cards – including a guaranteed rare and an energy – and a code for the online client. The Detective Pikachu boosters feature just four cards of unknown composition.

We’ve embedded images of each Case File down below. All of these products will be available 5th April in the US and 29th March in Europe. South Africa gets Pokémon TCG products at inconsistent times, but they should be here at the end of April latest if we had to guess.

You can find out what is in each Case File and how much they cost right here, but note that the prices and exact products inside each box may change by the time they’re available here, if at all.

The last product revealed is a Collector’s Chest, which is a tin lunch box filled with TCG products and some stationary like a memo pad and pencils. These Collector’s Chests have been done int he past, but we hope the memo pad here looks like something a detective would use.

[Source and images – PokeBeach]

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.