The Malfeasance is the latest 3D print from Destiny 2

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We’ve featured plenty of 3D prints from Destiny 2 in the past, and another one joins the club today with this impressive recreation of the Malfeasance hand cannon.

Maker Joe Chapman is responsible for this project, someone we’ve seen work from in the past as he’s also the one who made this MIDA Multi-Tool, complete with a working scope.

Like the Multi-Tool, Malfeasance started life on the Destiny STL Generator and needed to be worked into a printable model from there.

Chapman tells us that he used Netfabb to clean the model up before slicing it up in Meshmixer. From the generator to something that could be printed, this process only took around two hours. The speed here was apparently possible due to the fact that the Malfeasance doesn’t have much surface detail.

Printing itself took longer at 50 hours in PLA on a Creality Ender 3.

The post-printing work started with filling in the gaps and seams to smooth things out. Sanding on top of this was followed by two layers of XTC-3D coating, more sanding and finally the painting could begin.

The base coat was done with an airbrush with all the fine detailing added in with a small brush and a toothpick dipped in paint. The final touch was the handle, which is wrapped in gauze from a first aid kit.

The finished hand cannon, which you can view in the gallery below, is 50 centimetres long (or a whopping three bananas, if you prefer that unit of measurement). Chapman says that this is bit on the ridiculous side and recommends anyone making their own to print at 85% scale instead.

To do that grab the files for free, which are hosted on both MyMiniFactory and Thingiverse.

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