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South African municipalities now have access to the Green Book risk tool

Last week the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) launched a new online climate risk profiling and adaptation tool named Green Book.

According to SA News, Green Book is designed to help municipalities across the country to access climate risks and growth pressures, and also implement adaptation actions towards the development of climate resilient human settlements.

“The ultimate goal of the Green Book is to contribute to resilient, sustainable and liveable human settlements through climate change adaptation. It is also intended to be an applied knowledge resource for municipalities to address climate change impacts and vulnerabilities in human settlements,” said CSIR senior researcher and project lead, Willemien van Niekerk.

The development of Green Book was funded by the International Development Research Centre in Canada and the CSIR, and partnered by the National Disaster Management Centre.

CSIR added that, the multidisciplinary nature of Green Book is combined with the high-resolution scientific evidence, making it one of the most novel, innovative and information dense research platforms  for disaster risk and climate adaptation planning on the African continent.

“The Green Book forecast to the year 2050 by projecting human settlement growth, combined with quantitative, scientific evidence of the likely impacts that climate change will have on South African towns and cities. Every settlement risk profile proposes customisable adaptation actions to be considered for integration into local plans and strategies that are to be implemented,” noted CSIR.

The Green Book and its resources can be accessed here.

[Source – SA News]

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