Return to Game of Thrones with a 3D printed Red Keep

Even for those who enjoyed the last season of Game of Thrones, it’s a bit sad that we don’t have any more episodes to look forward to in the future (not counting all the spin-off shows in the works). So let’s return to HBO’s version of Westeros once again for this 3D printed recreation of the Red Keep.

The person responsible for this project is Joel Ristol who works with the maker collective MiniWorld 3D. Ristol, together with another member of the collection in Danny Sánchez, were kind enough to tell us how this Red Keep was built.

Modelling was done across three separate programmes – Fusion 360, Meshmixer and MeshLab.

“[This print was] made due to all the hype around GoT’s finale. The Red Keep is the most important castle in the series, where the coveted Iron Throne lies,” Sánchez tells us, “Reference materials involved screen captures from the show and illustrations on the web, some creative license to fill in gaps. The challenge is that there are no blueprints or orthogonal views of this, as it is a fictional place.”

To make a small version of the print that you can fit in your hands at 15 X 10 X 10 centimeters, only six hours of printing was needed here.

You can see this small version in the gallery below where you may notice that it’s not exactly as red as the version in the header image above. That was achieved with some Photoshop for illustration purposes, but you can always use some red filament to get that result.

None of these colours are close to the depiction in the show, but it’s a nice compromise for those who don’t want to spend time painting. We imagine some of the exotic filaments which contain stone or other minerals would be a good pick too.

To make your own miniature Red Keep download the files for free from MyMiniFactory.

Those looking to populate the castle with will be happy to know that MyMiniFactory as well as Thingiverse are full of models from the series, whether you’re looking for a tiny Iron Throne or characters to put on it.

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