Five of this week’s best new trailers

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What better way to celebrate the start of a new month, as well as the end of the week with a trailer roundup. This week we only have five new trailers that are noteworthy, but that does not mean that there is any less to dissect.

Kicking things off is Lupita Nyong’o in Little Monsters, with the Oscar winner playing a school teacher taking her class on a field trip that just so happens to coincide with a zombie outbreak. This new zombie flick reminds us of Shaun of the The Dead, so things aren’t as serious as with other films in this genre.

Next is a Netflix project helmed by Martin Scorsese titled the Irishman. It centres around the story of Jimmy Hoffa, and stars some acting vets in the form of Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. This film is a Netflix original, but will see some time in the cinemas Stateside later this year before becoming available on the streaming platform. With Netflix wanting to have more award-winning projects in its catalogue, perhaps this is a new contender.

Rounding off this week’s five new trailers is The Hunt in which the most dangerous animal, human beings, are the target. Added to the list is a noire style black and white indie thriller/psychological horror in The Lighthouse starring Battinson and Willem Defoe. Finishing things off is a Sam Mendes directed World War I epic in the form of 1917.

If any of those films sounded appealing to you, scroll down further and enjoy the trailers below.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

When he's not reviewing the latest smartphones, Robin-Leigh is writing about everything tech-related from IoT and smart cities, to 5G and cloud computing. He's also a keen photographer and dabbles in console games.