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Beta for watchOS 6 hints at ceramic and titanium Apple Watch models

Whatever your opinion of smartwatches it’s hard to deny the fact that the Apple Watch dominates this segment of the wearables space. For many they are viewed as luxury pieces of tech, and their price tags indicate as much, but there could be even more expensive models of Apple Watch on the way.

According to some screenshots taken from the latest beta of watchOS 6, ceramic and titanium versions of the Apple Watch are coming. Said screenshots come from iHelp BR, which is the same publication that found calendar hints to a possible iPhone 11 event next month.

The beta for watchOS 6 also indicates that Apple will have 40mm and 44mm versions of the ceramic and titanium smartwatches, although colour options remain unclear. If we’re going off of past Apple devices, the firm will likely stick with something in the white or grey family.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Apple has used ceramic for an Apple Watch, with the second and third iteration featuring models with the material, but skipping it for Series 4. As such Apple will likely bring it to the fore once again on its latest variant of the smartwatch.

As for titanium, Apple has been playing with it for its new physical Apple Card, so it’s only natural that the firm would release some sort of device to match.

For now it remains unknown if these materials will be used for a Series 5 of Apple Watch or simply for the current Series 4. Also missing is pricing, but going on past experiences, they will not come cheap.

We’ll likely have to wait until 10th September for Apple to reveal the new expensive flavours of Apple Watch.

[Image – iHelp BR]

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