Intel updates 10th Gen lineup with eight new Comet Lake processors

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If you’ve been struggling to keep up with Intel’s slew of 10th Gen processors of late, best of luck to you, as the firm recently debuted eight new CPUs as part of its Comet Lake range to the 10th Gen family.

Sadly these new chipsets do not feature the 10nm architecture spotted in the Ice Lake 10th Gen processors, but rather utilise an older 14nm design.

While older there are a few gems in the Comet Lake lineup, with the top of the range Core i7-10710U processor in particular standing out as it features 12 threads, is Intel’s first hexa-core U series chip and has a higher clock speed than some of the Ice Lake CPUs.

That said the new 14nm Comet Lake chips will have a disadvantage to their Ice Lake brethren in the battery life and efficiency categories, or indeed when it comes to smoother visuals at 1080p while gaming.

On the up side they do have Intel’s WiFi 6 functionality and broader Thunderbolt 3 support, along with the firm noting a 16 percent overall performance gains and 41 percent better productivity and multitasking on Office 365. That fact that Intel mentions it points to the fact that these new Comet Lake chips are designed for business-specific devices.

In terms of when this new silicon will feature in devices you’ll be able to purchase, Intel has placed them on a festive season timeline, so you can purchase hardware with the processors from late-November onwards depending on which country you’re in.

For a better understanding of the eight new CPUs that are a part of the Comet Lake lineup, check out the table below.

Processor Number IA Cores/ Threads Cache Base Freq (GHz) Max Single
Core Turbo (GHz)
Max Freq (GHz)
Intel Core i7-10710U 6/12 12MB 1.1 4.7 1.15 LPDDR4x 2933; LPDDR3 2133; DDR4 2666
Intel Core i7-10510U 4/8 8MB 1.8 4.9 1.15 LPDDR4x 2933; LPDDR3 2133; DDR4 2666
Intel Core i5-10210U 4/8 6MB 1.6 4.2 1.1 LPDDR4x 2933; LPDDR3 2133; DDR4 2666
Intel Core i3-10110U 2/4 4MB 2.1 4.1 1 LPDDR4x 2933; LPDDR3 2133; DDR4 2666
Intel Core i7-10510Y 4/8 8MB 1.2 4.5 1.15 LPDDR3 2133
Intel Core i5-10310Y 4/8 6MB 1.1 4.1 1.05 LPDDR3 2133
Intel Core i5-10210Y 4/8 6MB 1 4 1.05 LPDDR3 2133
Intel Core i3-10110Y 2/4 4MB 1 4 1 LPDDR3 2133


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