SEACOM & Sophos partner with On-Premise Security solution for cost-savvy SMEs

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SEACOM and Sophos have announced a recent partnership where the pair has developed a new On-Premise Security solution for local SMEs that are looking to make cost savings wherever possible.

The telecoms provider explains that On-Premise Security is a full-suite solution that uses Sophos’ XG Firewall as its foundation.

It functions as an out-of-the-box security product, conveniently bundling all licences while combining essential functionality such as intrusion prevention, Web Application Firewall, and email security along with protection and control measures for web users and applications on the network, the firm adds.

Added to this is traffic shaping, which ensures optimal performance for business-critical systems and applications, and comprehensive reporting with automatic identification of employees whose online behaviour might be exposing the organisation to risks, SEACOM continues.

“Although many smaller businesses buy into the ‘It won’t happen to me’ mindset, SMEs are as much at risk as big corporates when it comes to threats to their networks. The driving force behind ‘On-Premise Security’ was to create a cost-effective solution to help South African SMEs improve their security posture with minimal effort on the customer’s part,” notes Robert Marston, global head of product at SEACOM.

The firm also notes that the new On-Premise Security solution is quite similar to an existing SEACOM offering in Hosted Security, which too is delivered via Sophos and assists in migrating digital operations and assets to the cloud.

“With cyber threats evolving and changing daily, organisations of all sizes need a technology company that’s on the frontline of developing highly effective security solutions that are simple to use,” comments Pieter Nel, regional head for SADC at Sophos

“We are committed to building a solid relationship with SEACOM, so that they can bring the most innovative and advanced IT security to their customers,” concludes Nel.

With SMEs looking to make savings wherever possible, this newly launched solution should prove interesting for those aiming to tackle their security.

[Image – Photo by eddie howell on Unsplash]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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