Generation.e to roll out more EV charging stations across South Africa

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Whenever we talk about electric vehicles (EVs) and whether they’ll find a footing in South Africa, infrastructure is usually the big talking point, and not a demand for EVs from local consumers. To that end there are simply not enough charging stations in the country, but aiming to address this is local firm Generation.e.

According to the Global EV Outlook 2019 report, sales of EVs across the world are on the rise, with it up 63 percent in 2018 compared to the previous year. South Africa though, is one of the markets in the report which has seen a decline in the same period.

“Whilst infrastructure development has been relatively good when measured against the number of electric vehicles in South Africa, there is still a growing need to expand and strengthen infrastructure, especially as we expect the number of electric vehicles to grow considerably in 2020. It will be this way for many years to come, which presents a clear opportunity for South African businesses and entrepreneurs,” explains Generation.e CEO, Ben Pullen.

Here, Generation.e is working with ACDC Dynamics to rollout charging stations for the latter’s electric vehicle road trip (EVRT) initiative.

“With the EV evolution quickly gaining momentum, we envision our involvement fast-tracking South Africa’s conversion to electric transportation,” notes Mario Maio, CEO at ACDC Dynamics.

“This network will lay the foundation for mass expansion across South Africa to support smarter mobility. Our goal is to make smarter mobility options a reality for all South Africans by providing a national charging network and the technology to support it,” he adds.

In terms of the intended locations for these charging stations, Pullen says, they will be launched at approximately eight locations along the route of EVRT Africa, including the Travel Inn at Shell Ultra City, Kroonstad, de Stijl Gariep Hotel, Gariep Dam, Wolwefontein Hotel, Wolwefontein, and The Vineyard, Newlands, Cape Town.

There has been no official timeline mentioned for the rollout, but Pullen is hoping that initiatives like this will motivate more organisations to invest in the technology and develop SA’s charging station infrastructure.

“With this initiative, Generation.e and ACDC Dynamics hope to inspire South Africans to embrace Electric Transportation with aims to kick start the continued roll-out of charging stations countrywide,” he concludes.

[Image – Jaguar]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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