MWEB says it will not throttle any of its fibre products

When choosing fibre for the home or for the business, there is often a fair degree of fine print that you need to read before signing on the dotted line. One thing to consider, especially for an uncapped fibre package, is the fair usage cap and what kind of throttling will occur when that limit is reached.

Luckily it’s something that people signing up with MWEB will not need to worry about, with the local ISP revealing new changes to its Openserve fibre options.

Along with new pricing, the company has confirmed that Openserve fibre packages will not be throttled.

“All threshold levels have been removed from Openserve Fibre products. MWEB have not throttled Vumatel, Frogfoot, or Octotel Fibre products for some time now, but from 1 September, Openserve Fibre will be added to this list. MWEB will not throttle any Fibre product,” MWEB explained in a press release sent to Hypertext.

As for the Openserve pricing, it’s listed as follows:

Openserve Uncapped + Unthrottled Fibre products Price per month
10 Mbps Uncapped & Unthrottled Fibre R399
20 Mbps Uncapped & Unthrottled Fibre R699
40 Mbps Uncapped & Unthrottled Fibre R849
100 Mbps Uncapped & Unthrottled Fibre R999

The ISP adds that the above offers also include free installation, router and connection, but as always it’s important to note that terms and conditions apply.

With throttling being one of the banes for anyone paying for internet access, particularly towards the end of the month, adding an unthrottled option to the mix is certainly welcome.

That said we regularly advise those interested in signing up with MWEB, or any ISP for that matter, to find out about the fair usage cap for their deals.


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