Giant Candy Corn dish is the perfect 3D print for Halloween

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With Halloween just days away we’re seeing the usual influx of spooky 3D prints flooding places like Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory, but today we have a creation that’s more focused on the sweeter side of the event with a huge piece of Candy Corn which houses various confections, including smaller versions of itself.

Maker duo iqless is behind this project, made up of Patrick and Lisa Bailey. Patrick tells us how the project came to be: “My wife asked me to make this for a Halloween decoration. She wanted something ‘big’ to decorate the house with. She thought the idea of a big candy corn dish would be neat. I found a few pictures of Candy Corn took some notes on rough dimensions then got to designing.”

Fusion 360 was used here with the design going through seven iterations before being completed. This process took between five and seven hours to complete before it was ready for the next step.

3D Printing all three pieces of the Candy Corn took just over 40 hours to complete on a Prusa i3 MK3. Due to the design here, with each segment being a different colour part of the candy, three different colours of filament were used meaning no paint was necessary.

Once assembled this print measures in at around 10 X 20 X 35 centimetres, making it large enough to fit a variety of candy. In the header image above handfuls of Candy Corn occupy the bottom yellow dish, and something long like Twizzlers can be used in the middle orange section. The top white piece acts as lid, so you won’t be filling that with anything.

Those looking to make their own Candy Corn dish can find the files available for free on Thingiverse. Patrick says that it cost him around $14.21 to make, based on a $20 per kilogram roll of filament.

On that note please remember that not all filaments are food safe. If you’re printing something with the intention of filling it with anything edible, please check with the manufacturer to see if that plastic is safe to use for the purpose of storing food.

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Clinton Matos

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