Here’s our first look at Robert Downey Jr. as Dr. Dolittle

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If you’ve been lying awake at night desperately wondering what films Robert Downey Jr. would be taking on after the MCU, well prepare to be well rested because the answer is Dolittle. Yes, Dr Dolittle, the man who can speak to animals and previously played by Rex Harrison and Eddie Murphy.

While this choice of movie is certainly a bit weird, what’s even stranger is the trailer. It appears that the filmmakers here are really trying to make an edgy reboot of the concept.

You know the joke that all try hard remakes in past years need to feature a slow, melancholy cover of a famous song? In almost parody fashion the Dolittle trailer features exactly that, with the butchered song being Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World. Even the simplified, short name is a syndrome of the cookie cutter remake.

After that we get Downey doing the fedora hat trick that was a massive joke some time ago, and one of the weirdest accents we’ve ever heard from the man.

Listen, we’re not trying to judge this movie preemptively, but this is all just rather odd. On the plus side the CGI of the animals actually looks great, and seafaring seems to be somehow central to the story, and that appears interesting. Those scenes in the trailer kind of remind us of Sea of Thieves, except replace the pirate crews with talking animals.

Voicing those talking animals is a significant chunk of Hollywood, apparently. The trailer ends with a quick list of the cast, and it is vast. Fellow MCU man Tom Holland, Mr. Robot’s Rami Malek and the impeccable Ralph Fiennes are all here along with many others.

As for what story the cast will be acting out, we get a summary in that Dolittle’s wife passed years before the movie takes place, and he has become a hermit. When the queen falls ill Dolittle goes on a quest to find a cure. This isn’t mentioned in the summary but we’re willing to bet money that the illness the queen is suffering from is what killed Dolittle’s wife.

Dolittle is directed by Stephen Gaghan and will be released on 17th January 2020.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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