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Pre-orders for Tesla’s Cybertruck hit 200 000

Last week Tesla unveiled its long-rumoured SUV in the Cybertruck.

The vehicle looks like it was plucked straight out of an 80s sci-fi flick but it is real, at least if the sheer amount of pre-orders we’re seeing aren’t an illusion.

At the weekend Tesla received 146 000 pre-order for its Cybertruck with chief executive officer Elon Musk tweeting out earlier this morning that the figure had climbed to 200 000.

Not only is that figure significant it also represents a significant fund injection for Tesla. With pre-orders carrying a $100 reservation fee, that means Tesla has made a cool $20 million over one weekend.

There are three versions of the Cybertruck: a single motor with rear-wheel drive, a dual motor with all-wheel drive and a tri-motor which also has all-wheel drive. Of those the dual motor iteration is the most popular, followed by the tri-motor and finally the single motor.

Perhaps the most interesting nugget of information from Musk’s Twitter feed is that these pre-orders came about with no advertising or paid endorsements.

That having been said, hype has always been a key part of Tesla’s marketing and the Cybertruck certainly captured the attention of the world, even if it was the butt of a few jokes.

Pre-orders for the Cybertruck are expected to be fulfilled in 2021 with the tri-motor variant expected be released in 2022.

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